Enrich your video conferencing capabilities with artificial intelligence.

Aiko Meet adds the power of cutting-edge AI to a convenient, browser based video conferencing solution, showing subtitles and providing a full call transcript.

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Video Conferencing + AI = Magic

We seamlessly combined new tech in video conferencing with advances in AI to create an enriching, powerful experience that makes holding remote meetings a breeze.

Over 60 languages supported! Check if yours is there here.

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Aiko Meet works entirely in your browser, without any extensions or installations! We utilize WebRTC, a secure and private peer protocol resulting from an agreement between major web browsers.

There's no installation required--just share your very own, customizable link to get people on the call with just one click! Aiko Meet is painless and easy for everyone involved.

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Fully Secure and Private

Aiko Meet uses TLS, the current standard in secure communications, to ensure that your conversations remain totally private.

We take privacy seriously, and we're proud to be one of the only video conferencing tools to employ a fully connected mesh network. This means that your video call happens directly between you and each participant, without us in the middle. We never receive the stream and go to extreme lengths to ensure that your connectino is private and secure.

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Subtitles + Transcript

Never miss another word! Aiko uses powerful artificial intelligence to automatically transcribe everything you say, showing subtitles so you never miss another word.

At the end of the call, you'll receive a transcript that you can keep for your records, or perhaps search with Aiko Words! Relax and let Aiko take notes for you. Aiko supports transcription in multiple languages and will transcribe conversation on any of our supported browsers.

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