Aiko Mail puts your privacy first

We use a variety of tools to keep your data safe and fully private. From disabling trackers to performing email operations entirely on the client, Aiko Mail is made to preserve your privacy

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Secure Encryption

Aiko Mail secures all transactions and email operations with TLS, the running standard in web security. You can be assured all communications are secured with TLS and that your emails are securely fetched directly from the email server. Moreover, data is stored directly with your application and emails are never stored on our servers. We've gone to great lengths to preserve the security of our application and ensure the privacy of our users at every level.

We'll block common email trackers automatically

Disabling Trackers

Nowadays it's common practice to track all your sent emails -- as far as who opened your emails and going as far as what links they clicked. Aiko Mail gives you the unfair advantage by blocking all common trackers in received mail, allowing you to peruse your email with your privacy intact. Moreover, we'll still track your sent emails, giving you all the power to track opens and clicks of your emails.

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