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Email shouldn’t be overwhelming. Email shouldn’t be a luxury. We believe in an inbox that should save you time, hassle, and money - email, the right way. Aiko Mail innovates your inbox with revolutionary smart tools delivering a superior email experience.

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Modernize Your Inbox

Custom Task Management

Stop using your unread emails as a make-shift to do list. We’ve integrated a proven and efficient Kanban method to make handling emails a breeze.

Manage emails by individuals, tasks, departments, accounts with different boards, allowing for an unparalleled level of customization.

Save Time and Money

Let Aiko do the work


Automatically highlights relevent information in emails.

Track Everything

We'll track opens and clicks on all your sent mail, while blocking trackers sent to you.

Phrase Completion

Learns your writing style, helps you complete sentences.


Quick Actions

Automate common actions with one click.

Board Automation

Automate your inbox with customized board rules like automatic forwarding.

Calendar Integration

Connect your calendar for automated scheduling.

Artificial Intelligence in your inbox


Have an unfair advantage with the first inbox truly powered by Artificial Intelligence

Quick Actions

AI auto detects actions items, and lets you manage them in one click.

Automated Highlights

Aiko automatically highlights crucial information in every email to save you time.

Full Summarization

Email contents are summarized in the email header, helping you get to the point with one glance.

Priority Emails

Aiko Mail shows you only emails that need your attention with the simple flip of a switch.


We love what we do

Aiko Mail is made possible by our passionate team of innovators. Our team works together from all around the globe to provide you with the ultimate email experience.

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We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to established multinational corporations.

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