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Aiko was built for business and integrates with all your current platforms. Simply sign in with your credentials and start saving time with Aiko--no training required for your employees.


The safest solution

Aiko does not store emails, attachments or passwords; everything simply goes in and right out. Aiko runs in a total black-box, meaning it saves nothing it processes. Your data is never stored, and all communications take place over encrypted SSL connections; make the secure choice with Aiko!

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Reach out to us for a quick snippet of some of Aiko's most popular features, including 'Speak to Aiko', summarization and auto replies. POC and demos are available upon request.

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for early adopters only

  • AI Summarization
  • Quick Actions
  • AI Powered Replies
  • Voice Emailing
  • Identify Actionable Emails
  • Full Data Privacy
  • Add-ons
  • Private Support

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