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Free email validation for your apps and websites. Email is active.

Put a stop to fake accounts

Use our API to make sure emails exist and are in use with our AI-powered validator. We'll check with their email provider directly to verify that the mailbox exists, and check online using our custom AI model to give the email a deliverability score.

BOLT is FREE for Makers! We'll validate for free up to 2000 emails per month. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for makers to block bots and fake accounts! If you need to grow, we've also got extremely affordable plans for businesses. Take a look at our business plans.

Easy to use, plug and play.

Aiko Bolt is made to be as easy as possible to use, provided through a simple REST API. It takes just one quick call to verify an email; we'll check with the email provider to be sure the email exists, and use our AI to check online and give it a deliverability score! You can also verify emails right in our dashboard, and can upload a CSV list of emails to verify in bulk.

You can get started with the API right away--you'll find a key in your dashboard, along with plentiful documentation. We've also assembled code snippets in dozens of languages and frameworks so you can plug and play!

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Using AI to validate

We're taking a different direction on email deliverability.

Aiko Bolt initially checks with the email provider directly to verify the email exists, checking for the appropriate DNS records and whether email can be delivered to the inbox. Everything is done securely, and we never store your validations.

But we didn't stop there. We built a tool to crawl the web in search of the email, finding associated accounts and coverage across the map. With our homegrown AI model, we give each email with a Deliverability Score, a percent describing the likelihood the email is real and receiving mail.

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