Pioneering AI research and solutions.

Aiko is challenging traditional technology through the integration of artificial intelligence. We work on the digital frontier, pioneering solutions to help our customers reap the benefits of AI in their work and personal lives.

Aiko background
Aiko background

Our Products

We build modern solutions to solve modern problems.
At Aiko, we believe that we can improve our world by integrating artificial intelligence.

Breeze through your inbox

Aiko Mail uses the most advanced artificial intelligence tools to automatically summarize messages, highlight important information, and help you write emails tailored to your personal style.

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AI video conferencing
with live subtitles and a full transcript

Aiko Meet is the single best way to do video conferencing. Get others on call without the hassle of installations by sharing a link to your room--get clients on call with just one click.

We use AI to give you subtitles so you never miss a word, and a full transcript at the end that you can easily search with Aiko Words.

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Glasses With Augmented Reality

Using bleeding edge technology, Aiko projects glasses directly onto customers' faces. Use Lens to add virtual try-on to your online store, or replace costly physical inventory with infinite virtual inventory by adding Lens to your physical storefronts.

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From tutorials on artificial intelligence to industry movements, our team periodically puts out their thoughts on a variety of topics through online channels.

Check out our latest pieces to the right, featuring articles from individual team members as well as the company as a whole.

You can also check out company pieces and catch up on recent changes through our Medium blog.

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