Aiko AI strives to innovate not only efficient, but ethical solutions to meet today’s modern problems.

Creative Agency

We strive to adhere to the mission of the Partnership on AI which is comprised of academics, researchers, civil society organizations, companies, and was established to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies, advance the public’s understanding of AI, and serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI and its influences on people and society.

Our goal is to create a culture of trust and openness among the AI solutions we have built, and the people that they benefit.

We will work to maximize the benefits, and address the potential challenges of Aiko AI technologies, by:


Working to protect the privacy and security of individuals.

Striving to understand and respect the interests of all parties that may be impacted by our advances.

Working to ensure that our AI research and engineering team remain socially responsible, sensitive, and engaged directly with the potential influences of AI technologies on wider society.

Ensuring that AI research and technology is robust, reliable, trustworthy, and operates within secure and environmentally sustainable constraints.

Opposing development and use of AI technologies that would violate international conventions or human rights, and promoting safeguards and technologies that do no harm.

We will ensure that our technologies benefit and empower as many people as possible.

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