Using bleeding edge technology, Aiko projects glasses directly onto customers' faces. Use Aiko Lens to add virtual try-on to your online store, or replace costly physical inventory with infinite virtual inventory by adding Lens to your physical storefronts.

Realistic Augmented Reality

Lens uses a variety of techniques to create realistic augmented reality renderings of your glasses. Using our special Facial Tracking, your glasses will automatically fit to faces, no matter the angle. With environmental lighting, glasses appear realistic to users and allow for a great virtual try-on experience.

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Add to your Online Store

Use Lens in your online store to allow customers to try on glasses before they buy! Our AR technology has been optimized to work directly in the browser and can be set up with models of any of your frames. Use it as a plugin or integrate with our app to allow your customers to try on your frames from their couch!

Save money with Lens

Add Lens to your storefront to convert some physical inventory into virtual inventory. Convert more customers by uploading frames to your virtual inventory and allowing in-store access to your virtual catalog, expanding your stock of frames beyond what you can place in-store.
Lens is available as a tablet for in-store use, as well as inside large displays for storefronts.

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