Video Chat

You can add someone by simply sharing your link! You can copy it on the top of your video call or the address bar and send it to your colleagues.

When they visit that link, they'll state their name and then request to join your call. You can accept or deny participants from the call itself!

Only the room owner can accept or deny participants, so it is vital that you are in the call to accept new joiners. Once everyone is accepted, you may leave the call at any time.
We support all major browsers that allow WebRTC, including Chrome and Firefox. While the call is available on mobile, mobile browsers are not yet officially supported and should be avoided if possible.

We do not currently support Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Safari, as they do not yet support WebRTC (the secure protocol we use to make video chat possible).
Please ensure that you are on a supported browser (Chrome or Firefox). If you are still experiencing issues, please check that your wireless connection is stable and does not block video communications.

If you cannot resolve your issue, please contact support and we'll be more than happy to assist you with any problems!
We support screensharing on Firefox as well as versions of Chrome after Chrome 72 (February 2019). To get started you just need to click the screenshare button in the tab bar!

If you are unable to screenshare on Chrome, please ensure you are running the latest version of Chrome. To update your chrome, press the 3 dots in the top right of your browser and select update.


Aiko Meet has a 7 day free trial. During this period you may use Aiko Meet, free of charge! At the end of the period you will be asked to upgrade.
You can upgrade from your account page, by submitting your payment method and selecting "Upgrade".

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You can manage your subscription by visiting your Account page and selecting the appropriate tools. If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact support.

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We're sorry to see you go! For security reasons this button is not yet available on your account page (but will be soon!), so for now you can delete your account by shooting us an email at!